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Marchal, S., Marx I., & Verbist G. (2018).  Income support policies for the working poor. Handbook on in-work poverty / Lohmann, Henning [edit.]; Marx, Ive [edit.]. 213–227.
Vanhille, J., Goedemé T., Penne T., Van Thielen L., & Storms B. (2018).  Measuring water affordability in developed economies. The added value of a needs-based approach. The added value of a needs-based approach. Journal of environmental management, . 611-620.
Kuypers, S. (2018).  Onze vermogensverdeling? Alles kan beter. Samenleving en Politiek. 25(4), 35-40. Abstract  Download: SamPol_apr18_Thema_SarahKuypers.pdf (94.96 KB)
Cantillon, B., Collado D., & Van Mechelen N. (2018).  The structural nature of the inadequate social floor for single-parent families. (Nieuwenhuis, Rense, Laurie C. Maldonado, Ed.).The triple bind of single-parent families: Resources, employment and policies to improve wellbeing. 401-418.
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