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The research domain “Family and Care” is part of a long tradition within the Centre. Issues covered pertain to the changing position of families in society and assesses the current social security system in light of these changes. More concretely, research focuses on single parenthood and income security; gender balance in recomposed families and care stress of dual earners.


A model of childcare services: households and governments from the viewpoint of welfare economics.

Duration: 01/07/2008 – 31/12/2012
Funding: Special Research Fund, Antwerp University
Promoter: Joris Ghysels
Researcher: Kim Vercammen


This project provides a welfare evaluation of various policy alternatives regarding the provision of childcare. To do so, it further develops the existing 'collective household model' with children as effective actors in the decision making process. Moreover, it compares policy measures regarding childcare services in Flanders, Finland, Germany and the UK, focusing on distributional outcomes (between households and the intra-household allocation).


Developing a science-based projection tool for childcare

Duration: 04/12/2009 – 03/12/2010
Funding: Kind & Gezin
Promoter: Joris Ghysels
Researcher: Kim Vercammen


This project developed a projection tool for the 'true demand' for childcare services in the region of Flanders. In a first stage the determinants of the demand for childcare services (positive selection and number of hours) were selected through regression analysis (bi-variate probit). In a second stage the results were applied to all Flemish municipalities to predict the current demand for formal childcare services and determined the size of the gap between effective supply and demand.

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