Herman Deleeck Chair

The Centre for Social Policy established the Herman Deleeck Chair in 2012 at the occasion of the Centre’s fortieth anniversary and in commemoration of the passing away of prof. Herman Deleeck ten years ago. Prof. Dr. Frank Vandenbroucke is the Chair’s first holder.




Who was Herman Deleeck?

C.V. Frank Vandenbroucke

Reading Material: Strategic choices for social policy


Frank Vandenbroucke will be the first holder of the Herman Deleeck Chair at Antwerp University’s Herman Deleeck Centre for Social Policy. The chair has been established at the occasion of the Centre’s fortieth anniversary and in commemoration of the passing away of the Centre’s founder and pioneer in Belgian and European research on social policy, prof. Herman Deleeck ten years ago. Herman Deleeck committed his entire career to convincing the research community, policy makers and the public at large of the importance of social redistribution and social equality through the welfare state’s institutions. In the same tradition, the Chair aims to offer a platform to renowned experts in social policy to share their expertise and ideas.


The Herman Deleeck Centre for Social Policy is convinced that Minister of State Frank Vandenbroucke is an excellent first holder of the Chair. His year long experience as a politician on all levels, his strong academic background, his research orientation and his public charisma are great assets.


Prof. Frank Vandenbroucke is professor at KULeuven (95%) and also teaches Social Economic Analysis in the interdisciplinary degree programme Social and Economic Sciences at Antwerp University. Frank Vandenbroucke does research on social developments in EU member states, such as participation in the labour market, income development and distribution, education, active ageing, social protection, etc. These themes are strongly related to his Phd. on social justice that he obtained in 1999 at Oxford University. He conducts his research in close interdisciplinary cooperation with researchers from various faculties in Human Sciences at KULeuven. Research on the social developments in Europe and the role of the European Union is important, says Frank Vandenbroucke: “For quite some time European integration has influenced social developments in the member states. But there is more. The European Union will not get out of the current crisis if its members are not able to set out a common course, also in the social field. How that will take place exactly is not certain, and is partly unexplored terrain and will be the subject of quite some debate in the years to come.”

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