Position & Structure

The Herman Deleeck Centre for Social Policy (CSP) is a research centre based within the Department of Sociology of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Antwerp, Belgium. Since it was established in 1972, it has become widely recognized as a centre of excellence for research in social policy.


Over the years, the Centre has grown significantly in terms of the number of i) research areas, ii) research projects and iii) researchers. These evolutions led to a stronger structuring of the Centre’s organisation as well as its research.  Today the Herman Deleeck Centre for Social Policy counts about 30 full time employees. Most are young researchers who focus on at least one of the ten research domains or three methodological domains around which the Centre’s research domains are clustered. A project coordinator is responsible for each of these domains.


The project coordinators constitute the Management Committee. The Management Committee, presided by the director and assisted by a member of staff, is in charge of the Centre’s daily management and determines the Centre’s scientific course. An assistant takes care of the Centre’s administrative support. Briefing, communication and exchange of information between all CSP members takes place at the monthly staff meetings. Next to the Management Committee the Centre’s structures also consist of a Steering Committee as well as a Advisory Board. The Steering Committee must oversee the scientific and financial operation of the Centre. The Steering Committee’s members are the full-time CSP professors, the president of the Research Council of Antwerp University and a representative of the Research Department of Antwerp University. The Advisory board consists of the Management Committee, a representative of the Research Department of the University of Antwerp and three external (internationally recognized) experts from the social policy field. This board will lend its expertise to map out the Centre’s long term research goals and to fix the priorities in the Centre’s research agenda.

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