Mateo Seré

Office: M.171
E-mail: Mateo.Sere@uantwerpen.be
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I moved to Belgium three years ago coming from Uruguay. I first pursued a master in Applied Economics at the University of Antwerp and then a Master Research in Econometrics at the Solvay School of Economics in Brussels. 

I understand economics in general and microeconomics in particular as a framework and a way to think problems as well as find solutions. In that sense, my last working paper focus on the subjective well-being of the elderly people and using Finite Mixture Models I try to understand deeper the relationship between subjective well-being and income and how this relationship affects the individual’s retirement. 

I have expertise in using Stata and in addition I program in MatLab and R.

Other topics of interest are microeconometrics, poverty and inequality, redistribution of income, gender inequality, behavioural economics and history of economic thought.



  • Master Research in Economics: Econometrics - Solvay School of Econmics, Université Libre de Bruxelles - Belgium. 
  • Master in Applied Economics - University of Antwerp, Belgium.
  • BA in Economics - Faculty of Economics, University of the Republic, Uruguay. 


  • Teaching Assistant of undergraduate Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Econometrics - Faculty of Economics, University of the Republic, Uruguay. 
  • Research Assistant - Faculty of Social Sciences, University of the Republic, Uruguay. 


  • Finalist in the Econometrics Game, econometrics world championship organized by University of Amsterdam
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