Coordinator : Prof. Dr. Diana De Graeve


The Centre’s research on health care covers a wide range of research themes and analytical methods. The research projects are mainly empirical in nature and are meant to supply information for the support of policy decisions. A first part of this domain’s research concerns issues of distribution. It supplies Belgian material regarding equity in health and in the consumption and funding of medical care. A second important theme concerns economic evaluation. An example is the computation of costs and effects of alternative treatment possibilities (for specific diseases). This research aims to help realise a better allocation of the available resources. The projects’ policy impact increases over time as methods of analysis become more refined and make use of better data. They are carried out through a multidisciplinary cooperation with medical doctors.



What explains socio-economic differences in health behaviour? Vaccination of children.


Duration: 01/10/2010 – 13/01/2013
Funding: Flemish Research Foundation (FWO Vlaanderen)
Promoters: Bea Cantillon, Karel Van den Bosch & Pierre Van Damme
Researcher: Eva Lefevere


The aim of this project is to gain insight into the mechanisms underlying socio-economic differences in health seeking behaviour, with a focus on vaccination behaviour. The project integrates theories from different social sciences (sociology, economics, (social) psychology, and administrative sciences). It aims to contribute to scientific knowledge on both vaccination behaviour in general (identifying factors explaining this behaviour can offer keys to the understanding of differences in behaviour) and on socio-economic differences in this behaviour.

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