The CSB-Minimum Income Protection Indicators dataset (CSB-MIPI)

TitleThe CSB-Minimum Income Protection Indicators dataset (CSB-MIPI)
Publication TypeWorking Paper
AuthorsVan Mechelen, N., Marchal S., Goedemé T., Marx I., & Cantillon B.
PublisherHerman Deleeck Centre for Social Policy, University of Antwerp
Place PublishedAntwerp
Year of Publication2011
NumberWP 11/05

This working paper aims at describing the content, methodology, strengths and weaknesses of the CSB-Minimum Income Protection Indicators dataset (CSB-MIPI). The CSB-MIPI dataset provides data on the three main pillars of minimum income protection (minimum wages, social assistance for working age households and guaranteed pensions) for 27 countries. This dataset contains information on long-term trends in the level of both gross and net benefit levels. Moreover, it addresses the conditionality of social assistance benefits, the associated rights and inkind benefits and the impact of the financial and economic crisis on minimum income protection policy. This working paper discusses the scope, set-up and methodology of the CSB-MIPI data.

KeywordsCSB-MIPI, European Union, guaranteed minimum income elderly, minimum income protection, minimum income protection elderly, minimum wage, model family approach, social assistance
Citation Key2579
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